I am an escort and I live a dual life. Like a coin my life has two sides, I am a responsible housewife and on the flip side an attractive escort. The dark side of my life is hidden from my family and friends that why I can enjoy a social life too, or I would have been discarded and forced to live an isolated life.

I enjoy both sides of my life, but fear what if anyone ever finds out my truth. The confident words of Bangalore escorts services assure me that my identity will always be secured. I am Ojaswi Sharma (of course not my real name) a young beautiful girl who works as an escort for fun and extra income.

The Hippocratic Society

Sometimes I wonder like me other people also live a two sided life. I frequently encounter married customers who cheat on their wives. Similarly, committed people are also my customers. They have been in relationship for several years, yet they cheat on each others. All this happens secretly wearing a mask so that their real faces don’t come out in public. When I think of these people, the feeling of guilt gets removed from my mind.

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Like everyone else I am also a respected member of society and no one knows my dirty secret. I have been working as Bangalore escorts for last 3 years and have a rich experience of human behavior and sexual preferences.

Three Types of Customers

I encounter several kinds of customers; they can be broadly divided into 3 categories. First, people who want hard core sex experience and nothing else. For them, a woman is a sex toy meant for enjoyment. They sometimes become aggressive and ultra active during sex. Though they are good sex partner, but are not caring companions.

The second type of people believes in the win-win situation. They seek physical and mental satisfaction and take care of their sex partner. They ensure that the other person also enjoys their act. I like these people as they are caring and treat me nicely.

I keep emotional and sensitive people in the last category. They are real the lover and want a companion for their life. Mostly they seek girlfriend experience and may or may not indulge in sex activity. They are called sticky customers who very easily fall in love or get attached to a girl. Since these people are very emotional, they get heartbroken and depressed easily and many times take extreme steps like suicide and murder. These people need independent Bangalore escorts services more than anyone else. I have successfully diverted many such people towards the life who wanted to kill themselves.

I feel pity for the last category of the people, they are really nice, but get engaged with wrong ones. As an escort, I need to be careful and not to develop any kind of long terms relationship with such people. What all I can do is to act as a girlfriend and counselor and gets them back on the track of life.

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